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2011-2016: Starting Grant; The multisensory mind: from neural mechanisms to cognitition (PI: Senkowski)



 bmbf pic   2014-2015: Analysis and visualization of neural oscillations in electrocorticographic signals (PIs: Senkowski/Thesen) 




2008-2013: Multisensory processing of pain: An investigation of neural binding mechanisms in electrophysiological and hemodynamic brain responses (PI: Senkowski)


uke pic   2010: Young Investigator Research Fund of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf; Examining speech processing in bilateral cochlear implant users (PI: Senkowski)
logo   2006: Young Investigator Award; The cocktail party phenomenon in schizophrenia (PI: Senkowski)

Our laboratory is located at St. Hedwig Hospital Berlin


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BrainAmp EEG System

128-channel active and passive EEG caps

MagStim Rapid2 TMS-System

SMI Eye-Tracker

PsychLab EMG-System

QuaeroSys Braille Stimulator

Intracutaneous Electrical Stimulator

State-of-the-art stimulus equipment for visual,

auditory and tactile stimulation

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